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Director Table Set

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LAXUS 2.1m Director Table Set

Package includes Main Table with 2 attached Pedestals and 1 Standalone Side Cabinet with Drawers

Crown 2.0m Director Table Set

Package includes Main Table with 1 Standalone Desk Height Side Cabinet with Drawers and CPU Compartment

B-One N2 2.0m Director Table Set

Package includes Main Table attached to a Standalone Side Cabinet with Drawers and CPU Compartment

B-One 1.8m Director Table Set

Package includes Main Table with 1 Standalone Side Cabinet with Drawers

Open Concept Table for Multiple Persons

Office Table

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Training Table

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Choosing the Right Material for Your Office Desk

When buying new office desks for your workspace, cost considerations come to the fore. It's essential to scrutinize everything from design to construction materials. Office desks in Singapore are commonly crafted from four materials: Metal: A durable option with a sleek, modern appearance. Ideal for those looking to imbue their office furniture with their unique style. Wood: Wood is a popular and recognised choice for office desks in Singapore. It's known for its strength and durability, ensuring that your desk will stand the test of time. Various types of wood can be used to create office desks to suit your preferences. Laminate: This material is highly versatile and durable. It is scratch and dent-resistant, making it a low-maintenance option. Moreover, laminate deskscome in a variety of colours and designs. Melamine: For an affordable yet robust desktop surface, consider melamine. It's a type of plastic material that shares similar benefits with laminate, offering a smooth and durable surface that's easy to clean. It's also resistant to stains and moisture.

What Are the Functions of Different Office Desks?

Desk Type

● Function

Office Desk

● Offers a workspace for a variety of jobs (writing, typing, organising) ● Provides organisation options with drawers and storage. ● Acts as a computer workstation. ● Supports small meetings and collaborative work. ● Allows personalisation with decorations and photos.

Open Concept Desks

● Encourages cooperation and communication among co-workers. ● Flexible and adaptable for different needs. ● More employees can work together in a smaller space. ● It also lets in more natural light. ● Perfect for team-based tasks.

Computer Desks

● Provides a sturdy platform for computers. ● Provides space for the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and computer tower. ● Contains effective cable management systems for cord organisation. ● Ergonomically designed for comfortable PC use. ● Additional space for documents and computer-related objects.

Choosing the Right Desk Size

Selecting the appropriate size for your office desk largely hinges on your personal preferences. However, a well-balanced size generally falls in the range of 122 centimetres in width with a height of around 76 centimetres. For those who prefer a customised height for comfort, adjustable standing desks are available. Having your desk at the right height is essential for ensuring your wrists remain comfortable.

Why Choose Our Office Desks?

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