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Transform Your Office with Our Workstations

Do you desire an office that's both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional? Are you in search of modern, efficient workstations or office partitions? Look no further. Baycus is a reliable provider of ergonomic office work stations with attractive designs. Our entire range of workstations is crafted to have a positive impact on employee productivity while fostering innovation and efficiency.

Understanding the Types of Office Partition

Selecting the right type of office partition is crucial for maximising employee contributions. Different workstation designs should align with your office layout and ensure your staff's comfort while they work. There are four main types of workstations to consider:

Corner / L-Shaped Workstations

L-shaped and corner workstations are popular due to their adaptability in small spaces. These workstations have two sides and can be placed in a corner, freeing up valuable central office space. This layout offers maximum flexibility as employees have two sides for various tasks.

Side-by-Side Workstations

Side-by-side workstations are aligned in a row. This layout is most effective for long office spaces, allowing for rows of workstations to accommodate the maximum number of people. They can be placed along the room's walls, thus leaving the central area open for other uses.

Back-to-Back Workstations

Back-to-back workstations are commonly seen in larger offices, as they occupy less space compared to corner setups. Employees sit side by side but have a partition between them. These setups can be arranged to accommodate four to six people at a single workstation.

Sit-Stand Height-Adjustable Workstations

The sit-stand height-adjustable workstation is a contemporary design gaining popularity among employees. Its height-adjustable features allow employees to sit or stand while working, promoting comfort. These workstations are on the rise due to health-related posture issues. Individuals can choose the most comfortable height or position for their work.


The Benefits of Office Workstations

● Improved employee productivity ● Efficient space utilisation ● Cost-effectiveness ● Enhanced aesthetics for your workspace ● Customization to meet your specific needs

Various Office Workstation Dimensions

When it comes to our office work stations, we offer a range of sizes to accommodate your workspace.

Height: We provide workstation partition heights ranging from traditional desk heights for an open environment to taller partitions for increased privacy and soundproofing. You can adjust the height to suit your specific requirements.

Width: Workstation partition widths can be customized to fit the available space. Whether you need a compact setup for a cosy office or a larger arrangement for shared workspaces, we can meet your needs.


Why Choose Us for Workstations?

● Experience working with furniture. ● Variety of options to choose from ● Affordable pricing ● Delivering quality products ● Fast and reliable delivery ● Proven track record

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