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Director Table Series consists of Main Director Table and Side Table or Cabinet. Baycus One Series presents Table with 40mm thickness and comes with practical and elegant design in its wire management.

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CROWN 2.0m Director Table Set

S$999.00 comprises of 1 Main Table, 1 Fixed 3 Drawers Pedestal and 1 Desk Height Cabinet

Main Table : W2000 x D900 x H750mm Comes with long strip of wire concealment casing Desk Height Cabinet: W1000 x D400 x H750mm Comes with Open Cabinet with Lockable Drawers at the side (Standalone) Fixed Pedestal comes with 3 Drawers and can be fixed on L or R

B-One N2 2.0m Director Table Set (Col. Dark Brown) - L or R

S$ 799.00 comprises of 1 Main Table and 1 Attached Side Cabinet

2.0m Director Table with Dark Grey Frame W1800 x D800 x H750mm Attached Side Cabinet W1600 x D400 x H650mm Need to choose left or right cabinet Total Size: W2000 x L1600 x H750mm

B-One 1.8m Director Table Set

S$ 499.00 comprises of 1 Main Table and 1 Standalone Side Cabinet

Main Table : W2000 x D900 x H750mm Comes with long strip of wire concealment casing Desk Height Cabinet: W800 x D400 x H650mm Comes with Open Cabinet with Lockable Drawers at the side (Standalone) Table Orientation can be either L or R Colour: Teak / White or Oak Brown / Dark Grey

Elevate Your Workspace with a Director Table

Whether you're in the process of setting up a new office or revamping your existing workspace, a director table is an exceptional choice for your office needs. The addition of this table can work wonders, transforming the entire ambience of your workspace. It not only enhances your working experience but also creates a positive impression on clients and colleagues. At Baycus, we proudly present a collection of director tables designed to meet the unique needs of your workspace. Our tables are available in a diverse range of styles and designs, perfectly complementing your environment. Designed with both ergonomics and premium materials in mind, these tables bring a touch of style and functionality to any workspace. Explore the director table selection on our website today!

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Discover Baycus's Exclusive Director Table Collection


Storage Director Table

If you need a functional storage solution, the storage director table is the one for you. This table is a multi-functional desk with built-in features and adjustable elements.


N-Shaped Table

The N-shaped table is a blend of design and functionality. This table is made for professionals and offers lots of storage and workspace to enhance any workplace environment.


L-Shaped Table

The L-shaped tables are durable and offer great quality. This table can easily be placed in a corner to maximize the small amount of space in your office.

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Why Choose Baycus for a Director Table?

● Quality Materials ● Quick Delivery ● Range of Options to Choose From ● Customer Satisfaction ● Competitive Prices

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3 Simple Steps to Purchase from Baycus

Step 1: Visit Our Website Begin by visiting our website and browsing our range of director tables. Step 2: Choose Your Ideal Table Next, find and select the table that suits your specific requirements. Step 3: Secure Your Purchase Finally, click the "add to cart" option, provide the necessary details, and complete your purchase. Rest assured, we will handle the careful delivery of your chosen product right to your doorstep.