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Avoid These Cardinal Sins When Buying Office Furniture

Created on 24 Sep 2021 - Baycus Admin

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When buying office furniture, you must put your employees first. After all, they are the biggest investment as they possess the talent needed in order for your business to grow.If you are the one responsible for purchasing office furniture, you need to make sure that it is conducive to the working environment. To help you with that, we will provide you with the DONT’S when purchasing office furniture. Price > Quality While keeping cost at a minimum is good for the company, you need to invest in good quality pieces that can last you a long time. Always think to yourself that these items are long-term investment pieces - you are paying for good quality. Purchase items made out of good quality materials and can be fixed or replaced should anything happen to it down the road. Not Taking Into Consideration Employee Needs As mentioned above, your employees are your biggest investment. Making the mistake of not giving them what they need and occasionally, what they want, will cause trouble for you in the future. Provide them with pieces that will keep them comfortable and allow them to work better. Make sure that metal cabinet fits the needs of workers. Forgetting Adaptability Think about your space and how the furniture will fit into those places. Now think about when that space changes, can you still fit those pieces in there? Not everything is permanent, so if you got that system partition, make sure you future-proof your decision. Purchasing Furniture Without Having A Plan Furniture shopping can be horrific at times. This is why it is important to do your research, test out the chairs, and make a choice. Walking into the store with no plan will cause more confusion, and ultimately, waste your time. Forgetting To Test Chairs Before You Purchase Them Forgetting to test chairs before you purchase is probably the biggest mistake you can make when purchasing furniture. Think about it - how many people have actually bought the first office chair they tested? Answer: No one. Know that there are many options out there, so find the best one for your employees. Buying More Furniture Than You Need Let us face it - we all get a little carried away sometimes. Knowing what you want and sticking to it is essential. You don't need more than one conference table, right? Not Taking Into Consideration Service When Purchasing Furniture If a piece breaks, there should be a warranty associated with that piece. Always find dealers that provide you with quick, accessible, and quality service should anything happen to the piece. See that reception counter? What happens if it gets damaged? Not Considering Office Layout Design Employees feel more motivated to work if the environment is conducive enough for them to do so. Today, employees tend to be more creative and prefer moving around and having enough space for them to work in preferred areas. Picking out minimalistic furniture pieces that can adapt to bigger spaces is key to attracting and retaining employees from today’s generation. Selecting Wrong Pieces Again, know what it is that you want. Here is an example: you set out to buy a coffee table but you end up buying a bigger round dining table instead. So, what happens next? You decide to keep it and find space for it when, in fact, you know there is not enough space for such a piece. This happens quite often because we find better deals. Not Keeping A File Of The Furniture Purchased In the near future, should you want to buy more furniture pieces, you should keep a file of what you have purchased before to show exactly what you want this time around if you are looking to buy the same pieces. Here is a classic example - If you are moving to a bigger space and you are happy with your previous director chair or Ergonomic Mesh Chair or training chair, you will want more of the same item. Keep a file on hand and show your dealers that. Hiring A Furniture Dealer To Design Your Space An Interior Designer and a Furniture Dealer are two different jobs - the former is used to design your space while the latter supplies the equipment needed for that space. Do not make the mistake of hiring a Furniture Dealer to do both for you as they do not really understand how to revamp and utilize spaces.